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What is UTAP? 

UTAP (Union Training Assistance Programme) is a training benefit for NTUC members to defray their cost of training. This benefit is to encourage members to go for skills upgrading

Starting from 01 January 2013, you can sign up for the SAEA-SISEU premier membership directly at SAEA and enjoyUTAP funding and the full suite of NTUC general membership benefits! SISEU (Singapore Industrial & Services Employees' Union) is the second largest industrial unions affiliated to NTUC. 

How much is the grant? 

As a member, you enjoy 50% unfunded course fee support, capped at $250 each year when you sign up for courses supported under UTAP. This excludes miscellaneous fees such as GST and registration fee etc.

- The UTAP amount disbursed to all members is the same for all nationalities
- To claim UTAP funding, you will have to be a SAEA-SISEU Premier member/NTUC member before or on the day of the RES course 


New entrant taking the Real Estate Salesperson (RES) course conducted by SAEA:

                                                        New entrant is a staff of
our corporate member
  New entrant is a
member of the public
Course Fee $680.37 (exclude 7% GST) $736.45 (excl 7% GST)
UTAP Grant
(Claim 50% of course fee,
capped at $250 per year)
$250 $250
You will pay  $430.37 + $47.63 (7% GST)
= $478 ($728)
$486.45 + $51.55 (7% GST)
= $538.00 ($788)

How do I claim the UTAP funding?

Step 1: Sign up for the SAEA-SISEU Premier membership  (if you are not a SAEA-SISEU premier member or NTUC member). The 
membership application form and fees  ($117) will need to reach SAEA PRIOR TO or ON the day of the RES course.

-  Download the membership form HERE 

Step 2: Claim the UTAP funding only upon completion of the CPD activity, no later than 6 months from your activity / course end date by following the detailed steps HERE or alternatively, you may submit the UTAP application after course end by completing the hardcopy form, scan and email back to them at Claim Form can be downloaded below. 

Who can apply? 

As long as you are a NTUC member, you can apply for UTAP. To be eligible for UTAP, all you need to do is meet the following conditions:

  1. Paid-up union membership throughout whole course duration and at the point of claim
  2. Course by training provider must be supported under UTAP
  3. Course must not be funded through company sponsorship or other types of funding
  4. Unfunded course fee must be S$20.00 and above
  5. Member must achieve a minimum of 75% attendance for each application and sat for all prescribed examination(s), if any

How do I apply?

Please click on the UTAP Online Application Guide shown below for UTAP Step-by-Step Application Guide

Once you are done, click HERE to apply now!


1. Please apply for your UTAP claim within 6 months after course end. Late applications will be rejected.

2. You do not need to apply for UTAP on the website if you have already enjoyed upfront UTAP with NTUC Learning Hub or NEXT U.  Please approach NTUC Learning Hub or NEXT U at (65) 6471 2223 for more information.

Where can I find out more information about UTAP?

Please feel free to contact SAEA at 6293 6616 if you have any other questions.

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